Best Free Learning Websites For Kids

Explore Some Of The Best Free Learning Websites For Kids In This Covid-19 Pandemic

 No doubt the dreaded covid 19 pandemic has drastically affected the livelihood of every one both directly and in directly, especially our kids whose education calendar has been greatly affected.

However education is not limited to the classroom, there are alternative methods that can be utilized by parents to enable our children to keep acquiring knowledge even in this pandemic period. Many parents have resorted to hiring the services of private tutors, but that is not advised because of the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus and in places where there is a lock-down, this option does not apply.

Some Parents with the knowledge have been conducting classes for their kids, especially parents who are already teachers. so what can parents who don’t have the ability or time to conduct such classes do?

The good news is that there are many online platforms that can be used to train our kids and many of which are free to use.

In this article we will take a look at some of the best free learning websites for kids  so that they can study from homes in this pandemic period.



ABCmouse is one of the best free learning websites for kids which aims to help children build a stronger foundation for their future academic success. It providing a comprehensive online curriculum to assist early learners to succeed in kindergarten, and early elementary school programs.

It caters for children between the ages 2 to 7 years. The website is very interactive with so many activities which kids can engage in, like reading or listening to books and music, playing games designed by experts to educate them while they are having fun in the process. It requirement a computer and mouse.

This platform is free for the first month after which you are required to pay $9.95 for a monthly subscription and each account can be used by up to 3 kids.

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PBS which stands for Public Broadcasting Service, is the nonprofit organization that is behind the popular educational television shows we use to watch when we were young, examples of which include: Sesame Street, The Magic School Bus and others. PBS is also into the creation of online content tailored for educating kids.

It is one of the best free educational websites for kids with great content for pre-school and school-aged children with the desire to develop kid’s imagination and empower them with critical-thinking skills and knowledge. It consist of mainly Educational Videos and Games to support childhood development with popular characters and puppets from Sesame Street as the major characters.

They also have apps for both IOS and Android with interactive educational games for you kids to play and learn in the process. It caters for children between the ages 2 to 6 years and is totally free to use


This is an app-based digital learning platform that is available for iPhones, iPads and Apple is designed for children ages 2 to 7, it helps kids’ to improve their reading and social skills. Curious World creates a personalized curriculum that is tailored to your kid’s age. However this is a subscription based learning platform with 7 days free trial after which you pay $7.99 a month. Your subscription allows for unlimited access to hundreds of fun and educational materials, and new activities are added each month.


Star fall is an interactive educational website for Kindergarten. It offers a number of activities that encourage children to learn how to read. Kids can learn the alphabet and its associated sounds  as well as read simple online books.

 The platform is very colorful and easy to navigate. With engaging content, educative audio and videos. Though this is a pied platform, it also contain a lot of free content your Kids would enjoy

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Math Game Time is a free educational websites for kids that offers games that children can play and learn math skills in the process. The website also offers videos and worksheets for tracking the child’s progress. It covers different topics, with games that are tailored towards specific math skills. The topics ranging from elementary math to more advanced topics like algebra.

Math Game time is totally free to use and is highly recommended for your kids to improve on their math skills while having fun


Khan Academy This is one of the best free educational websites for kids out there. There are options to sign up as a learner, parent or teacher. The courses are sorted based on a child’s grade level and it covers most subjects but more emphasis is placed on math based content. It also contain videos that are straight forward and easy to understand. After every learning session kids have the option to practice what they have learnt. Note you have to be signed in to save your progress. The best thing about this learning platform is that it’s totally free and highly recommend.

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This website can be describe as very interactive and involves combining activities kids enjoy. Kindly note that It involves a lot of  physical movement. It contains exciting videos, breathing game, running game and many more. There is never a dull moment on this platform and your kids will love it. This is a free platform and there is content for different age groups. You can find their apps on the android and ios store.


 National Geographic Kids is a website for kids and  it comprise of (National Geographic Little Kids) for children ages 3 to 6 and (National Geographic Kids) for ages 6 to 14. It features videos, games and other interactive media with a focus on teaching them about science, geography and the world around us.

This platform is free for studying science, animals and geographical regions

This by far one of my favorite learning platforms, and it’s for everyone. Virtual Reality Field Trips as the name implies, is a web page that is filled with curated virtual reality videos from different parts of the world. You can explore popular destinations, wild life, Historic Monuments like the Egyptian Pyramids and so much more. You can access it with your computer, tablets and other touch devices and it is totally free to use.

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There are many other online learning website not touched here, but with the few listed here, your kids can be fully engaged in this pandemic period.




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