Fun Activities For Kids Indoors

Explore Fun Activities That You And Your Kids Can Do In Indoors

Sometimes we are required to stay indoors. This may be due to bad weather or in the case of the ongoing covid 19 pandemic which in turn can easily lead to boredom. Yes your kids can indulge in playing video game and you too can join in on the fun. But what other activities can your kids do to prevent boredom?  I believe one of the goals of every parent is to connect with their children and know more about their strengths, weakness and challenges. We also want our kids to learn while they are having fun.There are many fun activities you can engage in with your kids to make them have fun while learning. In this article we will be exploring some of the Fun Activities For Kids Indoors to get rid of boredom .

Playing Board Games

Chess board game

Board games provides a medium for you to spend quality time with your kids while it aids your kids memory formation and build their cognitive skills. They become more focused and they can learn more about team work. It is also important for your kids to learn the rewards of winning and how it is sometimes ok to accept defeat. Popular board games to play with your kids are Ludo, scrabble, Monopoly, Chess and jigsaw Puzzle

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Paper Crafts

paper crafts

Engaging your kids in arts and crafts especially in paper crafts is a great way to let kids have fun in a creative way. It is a form of art that uses paper as the primary artistic medium. It involves activities like painting, calligraphy , decoration and requires the use of paper,inks,crayon and much more   The goal here is to let them express themselves and have fun, you may just be raising one of the greatest architect or Artist and not know it


child sculpting

This is a (3D) art work created by combining different materials that can be hardened with glue or simply by drying. Materials used may include Clay, Wood, soap, Paper, Stone etc.This is an interesting activity that your kids can indulge in to have fun and learn in the process.


kids beading

Beading is a very useful activity your kids can engage in. it is fun and brings out the creativity in them. There are loads of designs and styles that can be done like bracelets, necklaces and many more. Your kids can develop fine motor skills and get more insight into colors, shapes and counting.  

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kids baking

Getting your kids involved in baking can be quite interesting for them. It is an educational and fun filled activity. You and your kids can get busy in the kitchen, and with so many recipes out there, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

Reading out loud with your kids

child reading

 Reading out lout with your kids is quite beneficial as it improves your kid’s vocabulary and improves communication  and conversation in the family. It also instills a lifestyle of reading in them.

Movie Time with Your Kids

family watching movie

Watching a movie with your kids is a good way to spend quality time with your kids. It can really strengthen your family bond. It also improves your kids social and communication skills. You can ask them questions to know their opinions, you’ll be surprised what you can discover from them

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After all said and done one of the best activities you can have with your kids is to engage in a field trips. One would say it is contrary to the above topic, I totally agree. Traveling is one of the best forms of education. Your kids can learn so much more from witnessing and experiencing things.

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